Basic Pistol 101

Basic safe gun handling rules. A little history about firearms. The reasons why we own guns. What a gun is and what it does. The three basic types of firearms. The various parts of those firearms. How to load and unload them. General firearm operation. The six fundamentals of aiming and firing a gun. General knowledge of ammunition and its components.

Active Shooter Civilian Response

**Must already have LTC to take this course It will have 6 students max with a course length of 6 hours. This course is centered on teaching non-law enforcement individuals. Topics include: actions and steps to safely respond to an active shooter, how to recognize when an environment could potentially become violent, how to prevent an active shooter incident, how to prepare for an active shooter incident, how to respond to an active shooter incident, and the steps to handle the aftermath of an active shooter situation. Examples of situations discussed in this course include the work place and other public gatherings (movie theater, concerts, etc).